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石若駿 Songbook3

■Track List 1.OldfriendzⅡ feat,ermhoi 2.おこのみやき feat,角銅真実 3.New Waltz feat,角銅真実 4.つづくよ feat,角銅真実 5.Song of New Year's day feat,角銅真実 -Bonus Track- 6.Rest for Now feat,ermhoi 7.SSTC feat,Sara Rector ■参加ミュージシャン ・西田修大(guitar) from 吉田ヨウヘイGroup ・Marty Holoubek(bass) from The Lagerphones, SEX ON TOARST ・Gideon Jukes(Tuba) from FU-CHING-GIDO ・佐藤采香(Euphonium) from Panda Wind Orchestra ・佐藤芳恵(bass clarinet) from Panda Wind Orchestra ・須川崇志(bass) ・吉本章紘(tenor sax) ・中島朱葉(alto sax) ・渡辺翔太(Synth) ・Niran Dasik